Ramble Beyond


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AbNormal Listening Habits
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AbNormal Listening Habits Its like Americana Psych, is that something??
I dont care this album and band bring it. Exceptional song crafting like a refined Home Brew with hints and tones of other genre's tossed into just to keep you guessing. I cant wait to see a third record.
muschiosauro thumbnail
muschiosauro Thick, spellbinding and unique exploration of the most untrodden paths that seamlessly go from stoner rock to Americana, from heavy psych to folk, from doom to southern metal, winding down from the peak of crushing riffs to the planes of mellow moods, and then up again. Solid, engrossing and beautiful. Favorite track: Kindled Green.
Nicholas Alongi
Nicholas Alongi thumbnail
Nicholas Alongi Saw these guys with weedeater at the empty bottle, they fucking killed it! Great album
dianonhead thumbnail
dianonhead I'm not sure if there is one description when it comes to BASK. Doom? Stoner? Rock? There's alot of that and more the deeper you go. If you know Asheville that's the best description I have: It sounds like Asheville. I can almost close my eyes and see what road I'm on. Flawless. Favorite track: Asleep in the Orchard.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky Asleep in the Orchard maintains that one of a kind earthy atmosphere, whimsical vocals, and deep brooding psych that traverses the progressive metal map winding towards a spiritual plateau of ghastly riffs meet angelic harmony worthy of your utmost attention. Favorite track: Mush! Carry Me Home.
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released March 24, 2017

Producer & Engineer - Travis Kammeyer @ Fahrenheit Studios (A Storm of Light, USX, Generation of Vipers)

Mixing - Andrew Schneider @ Translator Audio (Pelican, Cave In, Red Sparrows)

Mastered - Chris Common (Isis, The Sword, Chelsea Wolfe)


all rights reserved



BASK Asheville, North Carolina

Letter to the listener:
Progressive; heavy; psychedelic; americana, have all been used to describe Bask. Truth is, we want rhythm heard for miles, melodies remembered for weeks and an honesty and sincerity felt to your bones. Most of all we want you to listen without concern for what you are hearing. To listen only for the sake of hearing.
Esse Quam Videri,
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Track Name: Asleep in the Orchard
ghost, asleep in the orchard
with fruit hanging ripe and low
they're begging you go

cold, deep in the orbit
your lights come calling you home
they’re begging you go

asleep in the orchard
son of Ohio
they’re begging you to go

you could be the journey
but you never wanted that call

ramble beyond
Track Name: Mush! Carry Me Home
set north bearing straight ahead
mend your masts and bury your dead
fill the hull with ancient bones and candle wax
stalk the gam
watch the white take hold of our ship
the keel in its grip
feel the bow split

this ice will carry me home
overland over sea I’ll run
these dogs will tow my bones
through the wind through the snow I’ll go

till golden gates unfold
overland over sea my road
Track Name: A Graceless Shuffle
wheels kicking dust
sixty feet pounding the earth
an orchard in view
begging the hungry to purge
drunk on the rot

breath in the dust
sing to the sun
all that’s left is to run

I feel my legs giving out again
leave me to the dust
burning barrels on my lips
and poison in my blood
I hear the pack closing in
let me run

dogs on their heels
feral and clear
urging me on
all that’s left is to run

I feel my legs giving out again
leave me to the dust
burning barrels on my lips
and strychnine in my blood
I hear the pack closing in
Track Name: The Lonesome Sound
wait while the buzzards pick at your bones
the sound of the engine tears at the road
fog moving in, rolling me home

Breaking your back while you toil in the dirt
black as tobacco losing it’s worth
leaves hanging green waiting to dry

hold your head up high
let in the lonesome
let out the lie

a day draped in gold
till the thunder it rolls
a stone in your sole
builds a road you should know
I gave what I wanted to hold you close
a day draped in gold
a stone builds the road

hold your head up high
let in the lonesome
let out the lie
Track Name: Kindled Green
anointed in the arms of the untried
with lifted hands it’s lapping at the tide

rain joins the gust and brine
it ran from better lands and brighter hills
to taste the alkaline
the well drank away my crimes
and in the grass we wore a path of rut
to roam away the blight

you’re pulling up the wildflowers like weeds
breathing in the black of kindled green
praying for the rust to polish clean
you’re planting husks and swallowing the seeds

to taste the alkaline
Track Name: In the Black Fir
a garden calling for feet to walk it
while cicadas hum from evenings shade
A sanctuary draped in pollen
and dressed in timber frame

the broken glass shimmer
in the midnight distance is
living lightning's mate

in glowing black
I washed the dusty leaves
and felt the daze begin to fade

misty morning I walked the gravel
and tore the paw paws from the trees
and in the grape vines spitting seeds aside
the sweetness in my teeth

the broken glass shimmer
in the midnight distance is
living lightning's mate

in the black fir
I washed her dusty claws
and felt the daze begin to fade

red dirt in the claws I hold
black fur of the one I know

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